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Saint Blasphemer - Theotokos EP Reviews:

"Needless to say, after just one listen of Theotokos I was a Saint Blasphemer fan. These guys are definitely a band worth watching keeping an eye on, as if what they've done in their relatively short time around is anything to go by, they have a very bright and promising future ahead of them."

– Destination Metal

"If you have a soft spot for ‘90s music, or just want to hear a band that has their shit together and can play the hell out of their instruments with feeling and conviction, then you need to grab this one. If they keep on this path, there is no doubt that people will catch on and they will become powerhouses."

– Screaming Guitars

"Theotokos is a mastermind of musical genius in one 5-song album."

– Side Stage Magazine

"Definitely check out Saint Blasphemer’s new Theotokos EP. This is a really tight band, with great vocals, guitar work, bass playing, and drumming. They really sound a radio hit away from breaking out."

– Alternative Nation

"The energy and the feeling in their music are so pure, so real, it leaves you no choice but to become a Saint Blasphemer fan."


"This second release from Saint Blasphemer is a heavy, well-reasoned/played/sung/written EP you should really get your hands on. There are lots of surprises in store from the production to even within each song where the layers take you. Saint Blasphemer’s Theotokos is hard, smart stuff."

– Short and Sweet NYC

"Saint Blasphemer, the Santa Ana alt band have recently released their new EP, entitled: “Theotokos”. Its sound compares to Peter Gabriel, Nirvana, and Jane’s Addiction. Their live performances are powerful and electrifying."

– Louder Than War Magazine

"The Santa Ana Foursome follow a no-frills, murky grunge sound that combines classic metal influences with Sabbath-informed metallic riffs. Their aversion to facile pop song forms is commendable, as they build a powerful connection with an openness that's impossible to forge."

 – The Deli Magazine

"Saint Blasphemere delivers a powerful, resonant sound with the timelessness of “Theotokos”."

– Skope Magazine

"Feelings of alienation and depression are represented in a very personal and intimate manner of songwriting that is at once both harrowing and comforting."

– The Big Takeover

"Saint Blasphemer are most definitely here to rock your socks off and melt your face!"

– Middle Tennessee Music

"There’s no denying that Saint Blasphemer carry the potential to create modern-day Rock treasures over the years to come."


"Santa Ana, California's Saint Blasphemer's new record, Theotokos is a high energy five track EP of crunchy riffs, ratcheting drums and bellowing vocals...If you feel that Tool lost its cool- Saint Blasphemer is the answer for you. They've kept that fury distilled at high proof."


"Rock has a new powerhouse."

– Beat Media

"It would be a fallacy to pick one or two tracks of the five presented to call stronger than the others, it simply would be untrue. ‘Theotokos’ is a like a punch to the dick, but in a good way."

– Abort Magazine

"Everything simply works from the intricate percussion to the insistent guitars whose taut sound adds to the tension."

– Beach Sloth

"When a band has this much to say, perhaps there is still room in today’s market to consider a full-length release."

– Metal Express Radio

Saint Blasphemer - Simon Templar EP Reviews:

"This is one hell of a debut EP, with lyrics about the effects of drugs and how bad it is for those left behind and what they have to deal with. This is something that most bands don’t and can’t handle well, but this was a masterpiece of lyrics and thoughts…plus the playing is pretty damn good too."

– Altered Frequencies

"The hard hitting opening is what will draw listeners in. It not only sets the tone for their EP but it also stands constant throughout."

– Identify: LA

"Californian alternative metal group Saint Blasphemer rocks hard on this new album of theirs."

– Short and Sweet NYC

"The songs have such strong energy and are naturally well written as well, providing such a fun ride for those listening to it."

– Rock Expert

"A concept like this is a heavy one to cover, and by no means easy, but Saint Blasphemer tackles the job with deftness and heart on Simon Templar."

– The Big Takeover

"While staking out the hard rock territory with some easy to spot influences, there is a solid polish on this release, making most of these tracks something popular radio might pick up on in the way Stone Temple Pilots managed to crack the grunge code to mainstream success."

– Modern Fix

"The EP carries dark lyrical themes, and the vibe created by the music goes along perfectly with it."

– Metal Assault

"In the metal genre, Simon Templar is one for the collection."

– California Rocker

"This is an emotionally charged body of musical work and I am looking forward to hearing some more."

– Piercing Metal

"Saint Blasphemer has written and recorded a work quite unlike anything else released this year and the catharsis is monumental."

– Indie Music Review

"Saint Blasphemer's Simon Templar EP is yet another example of new music by young bands which makes me think music is coming back"

– Rock N Roll Rehab

"A rock infused manifesto entranced in a dark setting about the effects of drug addiction and dying."

 – Infrared Magazine

"Santa Ana, California is home to an alternative rock band that should be added to your radar sooner rather than later."

– Pure Grain Audio



Press Pic. Top Left: Thomas Monroe - Vocals, Top Right: John Castellon - Guitar, Bottom Left: Steve Ybarra - Drums, Bottom Right Steve Shell - Bass

Press Pic. Top Left: Thomas Monroe - Vocals, Top Right: John Castellon - Guitar, Bottom Left: Steve Ybarra - Drums, Bottom Right Steve Shell - Bass


Saint Blasphemer is an independent band based out of Santa Ana, California. They released their first 5 song EP "Simon Templar" on October 15th, 2016. The music, notable for themes of alienation and watching loved ones suffer from drug abuse, was recorded at Hear No Evil studio in Orange, California. The EP charted on college radio and received many positive reviews among the press. The band supported the EP release with a regional tour including Tempe, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Olympia, and Yorba Linda. Saint Blasphemer's 2nd EP "Theotokos" was released April 1st, 2017, also recorded at Hear No Evil studio in Orange, California. Saint Blasphemer toured the West Coast the 1st week of May 2017 with dates in Santa Ana, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Santa Cruz.

The band members are John Castellon on guitar, Steve Ybarra on drums, Thomas Monroe on vocals, and Steve Shell on bass guitar.

The music has been compared to early Jane's Addiction, Tool, Alice In Chains, Peter Gabriel, and Nirvana. Saint Blasphemer has been praised for the power of their live performance and the lyrical writing of Thomas Monroe, head of the Orange County Poetry Club. Saint Blasphemer's philosopy towards songwriting is: “Remember when you were a kid, how a song could make you feel like you weren’t the only one going through something?”

The band is writing their first full length album, and may play some midwest and East Coast dates in the fall of 2017.

Album Artwork. Click to purchase on Bandcamp.

Album Artwork. Click to purchase on Bandcamp.

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